Side Project


Main focus :
1. Pricing Model
2. Operations

Things that gave me a competitive edge to complete this side-project.

1. Community - I had been in touch with the students of the university, the juniors, the seniors, and my batchmate. Helping them regularly has made trust in their minds for me, which is not something you gain instantly.

2. We were quick, I saw someone discussing the mattress problem, and I instantly went to my close mate to think and execute the solution.

3. We made sure to think of the losses we might have to endure, while defining pricing, I and Ashray made sure that even if we lose a few clients, we had a backup. Not only that, we had plans for theft and quality checks too, which made us eligible to be trusted.

Ps. One of our items was even stolen, but we were easily able to incur the loss.

Check Teardown 

10 Mar 2022 - 16 Mar 2022

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