Creative Copywriting and Social Media Management Skin Alive Clinic

Objective: For this Skincare brand, I had to write compelling copies that would boost her client acquisition rate for their store in Nasik.

Design | Elite Socio Marketing Solutions team(ESMS).

Copywriting | Ankit Lachhwani.

Software | Adobe Illustration, Adobe Photoshop.

Client | Skin Alive Clinic.

How we created these stunning Instagram ads?

So me and my design team at ESMS did some market research as to how was the brand performing:

1. Identifying the patterns of posting of Skin Alive Clinic and their Website Traffic.

2. Analysing the competitors and studying the Target Audience (TA).

3. After dissecting the content, we came up with Ad strategy that can be used to grow their website traffic.

4. Then we addressed the pain points identified by a clear copy and a prominent CTA to direct them towards the website. 

5. Their website traffic grew by 15% at the end of 2 months.

Major takeaways:

- Do your homework. Study the brand and TA thoroughly.

- Write fast, iterate, and repeat. Don't wait for perfection.

01 Jul 2021

Content Planning
Social Media Writing
Creative Copywriting

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