Built Startup OS on Notion

I've participated in a notion hackathon called Block Party, It is a 24-hour long notion and no code hackathon hosted by Notion and No Code Weekend, where participants can participate from all around the world online or at Bangalore. In this hackathon, they've asked us to pick up a case study and build for the challenges they are facing. I chose the problem statement of building a Startup OS and built KPI, OKR, CRM, HR management, Sales Pipeline, Content calendar and multiple systems that are very important for any startup. In the end, my build was finalized as one of the top 10 builds and I got a special mention from Anudeep Ayyagari ( a well-known UX designer).

This template includes;
1. OKR system
2. CRM dashboard 
3. HR Management
4. Sales Pipeline
5. Content Calendar
And multiple other systems...

26 Feb 2023


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