Product Teardown Of Vama.pdf

It is done as a product teardown of the VAMA app that provides services like Digital puja, Live Darshan, Daily Horoscope etc.

Problem Statement:

The objective is to evolve a more engaging and customized user experience on VAMA. By focusing on revenue first, the challenge now is to drive users to explore more of the integrated astrology and virtual temple services, thereby amplifying user satisfaction and retention rates. The platform seeks to balance and integrate its two key verticals - astrology and virtual temple services - to progress toward its ultimate goal of becoming a top-tier spiritual super app.

1. Content Strategy: Develop a tailored plan that caters to individual user interests and integrates the astrology and puja verticals.

2. Engagement Plan: Outline strategies for increased user interaction, incorporating elements from both astrology and puja services.

3. User Experience: Improve app usability, focusing on a visually pleasing, seamless integration of astrology and puja offerings.

25 Jun 2023

product manager
product teardown
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VAMA app
User research
competative analysis

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