Social Media Marketing for an election campaign

 Election Campaign Project



To enhance the online presence and engagement of the candidate’s election campaign through targeted social media strategies and effective use of digital tools.



1. Increase Facebook page health from 30% to 100%.

2. Remove Meta bans and sanctions.

3. Boost Instagram followers and engagement.

4. Run effective Meta ad campaigns to reach a larger audience.

5. Analyze opponent party activities and strategies.


**Time Used:**

10 days



1. **Facebook:** Page health increased from 30% to 100%.

2. **Meta Bans:** Removed Meta bans and sanctions 3 times.

3. **Instagram:** Significant increase in followers and engagement.

4. **Meta Ads:** Ran successful ad campaigns with daily management, enhancing visibility and reach.

5. **Tools Used:**

  - Copy Genius

  - Interest Insights


  - Foreplay

  - Tryatria

  - My-ad-finder

6. **Costs:**

  - Video editor: ₹800 per video (30 sec/60 sec)

  - Graphic designer: ₹600 for graphics and meta design

  - Meta ad manager: ₹2200/day


This brief involvement contributed to a more dynamic and engaging social media presence, essential for the candidate’s outreach and engagement during the campaign period.


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08 Jul 2024

Social Media Marketing

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