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Product Design for Builders

🧑‍💻 A workshop for: Developers, Aspiring Designers, Aspiring Product Managers

🎯 Goal: The goal is to give you a clear pathway regarding 'How to design start designing your product from scratch on Figma'

Following topics we have covered in this workshop:

- What questions to ask before you start designing the product?
- How to choose the right color palette for your design?
- What is the process of creating a good user experience? 
- What are the common mistakes you should avoid before designing a product?

Amazing audience from Crework Community looking forward to more such sessions. Special thanks to Ishant, Sahil, and Ruchika from the Crework community for making this happen.

🗂 Access the deck from here
🤩 View the presentation on Behance
🎁 Download the App UI Design template for FREE from here

14 May 2022

UI Design
Food Delivery App
Food App UI
Product Design
Minimal UI

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