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  • Charter Partners - Insurance Platform

    Chartern Partners is a legacy family owned business in the US which is a community-driven alternative to the rising cost...

    01 Jan 2023

  • POST - A new social app

    Post is what would be made if twitter and tiktok had a kid. This was an app designed just after the takeover of twitter...

    10 Nov 2022

  • Tapa Staffing - Student Gig Employment Platform

    Tapa Staffing is a company that aims to help grad students in the UK to secure unskilled and part-time gigs to support t...

    20 Aug 2022

  • OneCode - TPF Product Teardown

    Product Teardown of OneCode by The Product Folks.

    01 Aug 2022

  • Gatherable - Group Travel Booking Platform

    Gatherable is a new way to travel, and, for cheap. Gatherable allows you to book your travel itenaries in groups which g...

    23 Jul 2022

  • Lite - Trade Options with paper money

    [Lite](https://papertraderlite.bubbleapps.io/version-test)is an options trading platform to trade NIFTY weekly expiry op...

    01 Apr 2022

  • SWAG - Movie Guessing Game

    SWAG is a movie guessing game that can be played with friends and computer (Hindi movies). You get 100 seconds to guess...

    20 Jan 2022

  • INAD

    We connect businesses and youtubers for product placement and promotions. INAD provides search, analytics, digital contr...

    18 Oct 2021

  • Hand written digit recognizer

    This is an ML based hand written digit recognizer built entirely with nocode including model training.

    25 Aug 2021

  • Newpaper - The new newspaper

    Newpaper is a simple and cool news app. The news is presented in few short sentences with a link to original article.

    28 Jun 2021

  • HostBnB Dashboard

    Built an interactive PowerBI dashboard for a challenge by NeenOpal. The dashboard is built for a property owner (host)...

    10 May 2021

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