Charter Partners - Insurance Platform

Chartern Partners is a legacy family owned business in the US which is a community-driven alternative to the rising costs and declining trust in the property/casualty insurance marketplace. 

The scope of the application was to design an entire membership application flow and claims dashboard. The membership application flow had stringent and automated admission criteria to the community. This involved ingesting complicated financial data in the form of excel sheets and making calculations to generate a feasibility report on which their admission to the community depends. We also designed a community and event management platform for different groups inside the community (called pods) to help them generate engagement inside the community. The claims dashboard involved ingesting huge CSV files on a daily basis and storing them in the DB to generate really powerful dashboards and analytics.

I was solely responsible for the backend for this project which was designed in Xano keeping in mind the security, compliance and performance.

01 Jan 2023


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