Vasanti Suthar

A geek developer and builder in web development, open source contributor and content writer.

  Studying at

  • Field Operator


    Field Operator is a student program where we explore more about Twilio software.

    13 Apr 2022 - Present

    Fueler Achievement
  • GSSOC'22 Contributor

    GirlScript Summer of Code

    GSSOC'22 is an open-source program, where I am contributing to open source projects.

    16 Mar 2022 - 31 May 2022

    Fueler Achievement
  • College Library System

    Full-stack college library system project

    13 Oct 2021

  • Recipe project

    Recipe viewer for searching the recipes you like and get more details.

    07 Oct 2021

  • FourStar Project

    Design landing page for a company.

    13 May 2021

  • Chatcord

    Realtime chat-application

    13 Apr 2021

  • Keeper

    Google keeper clone using react

    13 May 2020

  • Shree Ramkrishna institute of computer education and applied sciences

    Computer science institute

    13 Aug 2019

    Fueler Achievement
  • Sir V.D.T Girls High School

    Higher secondary school

    08 Jun 2017

    Fueler Achievement

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