Varun Nath

Strategic Content Architect | Writer, Researcher, Digital Marketer | I help businesses leverage writing and research expertise to establish trust in readers

Client Relations
Content Strategies
Content Writing
Enterprise Sales
Market Research
Digital Marketing


  Working at at CATKing Educare as a Academic Writer.

  • Creating Linkedin posts for a foreign client

    A project with the objective of curating LinkedIn posts and prompts for content ideas tailored to a foreign client at a...

    11 May 2024

  • Google Sheet for Client Management

    This is a client management sheet. I created the sheet like the Shield App (kind of LinkedIn Analytics) here. Therefore,...

    19 Apr 2024

  • Graduation in Bachelor of Commerce Honours

    Satyawati College, Delhi University

    The B.Com(H) program at Delhi University offers education in accounting, finance, and business management, preparing stu...

    01 Jun 2023

    Fueler Achievement
  • Making a Shark Tank pitch

    To test my pitching skills, I decided to participate in a Shark Tank competition. The goal was to create sample products...

    22 Apr 2023

  • Creating a product brochure

    Design a product brochure for a client dealing in compostable bags and utensils, it was easy and the money was good.

    21 Apr 2023

  • B-Plan Competition Runner Up

    Satyawati College(2023): Runner-up in the Business Plan competition by offering targeted solutions and action plans for...

    Satyawati College,  13 Apr 2023

  • Academic Writer

    CATKing Educare

    I created 2000+ questions across six subjects for the CUET exam, aiding nationwide students in their exam preparation. I...

    08 Apr 2023 - 29 Feb 2024

  • Comickala First Prize

    Kalindi College(2023): Secured first place in a comic-making competition and presentation, incorporating irony around Ch...

    Kalindi College,  30 Mar 2023

  • Team Supervisor at Marketing Monologue

    I led a collaborative team at Marketing Monologue, working closely with classmates to assist small businesses. With my t...

    16 Mar 2023

  • Assignment Writer

    Shuriti Assignment Writers

    Even though it was considered illegal on some campuses, there were many students who wished to have their assignments co...

    01 Mar 2023 - 14 Apr 2023

  • Creating a resume for a person with 12+ years of experience

    As I honed my skills in resume creation, a client approached me. He was an experienced individual with over 12 years of...

    02 Feb 2023

  • Design with Canva

    For my college work and personal projects, I use Canva for basic tasks. It works well, and my laptop keeps up without an...

    03 Aug 2022

  • Market Reseacher


    I have created LinkedIn and Instagram content strategies for a diverse clientele of 10+ professionals across multiple in...

    06 Jun 2022 - 28 Aug 2022

  • Filing ITR of people every year

    From the summer of 2022 to today, I have filed ITRs of more than 40-50 people in my locality. Most of them are governmen...

    01 Jun 2022

  • Lead graphic design for TEDxSatyawatiCollege's first TED event

    I worked with the organizing team as the graphic head to successfully execute the college's first paid online event, att...

    08 Feb 2022

  • Content Writer


    I have published funding round articles for 135+ startups, while also writing paid articles to generate additional reven...

    01 Nov 2021 - 07 Feb 2022

  • Content Writer

    Morning Picker

    In a content creation capacity, I authored articles focused on entertainment and global news, catering primarily to a US...

    08 Aug 2021 - 08 Oct 2021

  • Market Researcher and Graphic Designer

    MBAtrek Privated Limited

    I researched and authored over eight reports on emerging industries in India. These reports aimed to simplify the key fi...

    08 Aug 2021 - 09 Sep 2021

  • Scope of Google reviews as a Google Guide

    Out of curiosity about how Google reviews could impact businesses, I became a Google guide. The aim was to share genuine...

    10 Feb 2021

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