Udita Sharma

Hey there! I'm a content strategist and writer. I've written scripts and posts for YouTube and Linkedin. Grown Instagram page to 1K followers in a span of 2 months (w/o reels)

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  • How to Start Social Media Marketing Agency in 2023

    A well-researched script on How to start a social media marketing agency in 2023. I've gathered information from YouTube...

    15 Jul 2023

  • Script- Will this Kill Midjounrey? Adobe firefly

    Wrote this script with reference to Ansh Mehra's YouTube channel. In-depth competitive analysis of Midjourney and Adobe...

    01 Jul 2023

    Fueler Project
  • Research Article Amendments_of_Pregnancy_termination_act_

    A research article on Medical Termination of Pregnancy

    17 May 2023

  • Dark side of IIT placements

    Everyone talks about the fancy side of having an IIT tag, but there is a dark side to the placements. This script was w...

    18 Dec 2022

  • Reel on Alibaba group

    A short reel on Alibaba group, good for infortainment or finance niche.

    11 Dec 2022

  • The Harsh Reality of Being a Software Engineer

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DJ6vFwfIc5ep-qHG_kNqRGuZJ9bpuwIEgY9XK3SVNko/edit?usp=drive_link Wrote this script f...

    09 Feb 2022

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