Mujahid Khan

I know this much🤏of UI & UX, I build projects using MERN stack. Technical Writer Intern @codedamn

UI/UX Design



  • The top 10 data integration tools for engineers

    Objective: To help data engineers find the best iPaas tools for data integration and automate workflow. Tools: Google D...

    09 Feb 2023

  • Top 10 Live Chat Tools for Customer Support

    If you are a startup or established business, having live chat support on your product/website will help your users clea...

    17 Jan 2023

  • Top Five Task Management Apps for Slack in 2023

    Managing tasks on Slack is a common need. In this post we cover some popular task management apps for teams using Slack....

    03 Jan 2023

  • Playwright Tutorial - How to do End To End Testing with Playwright?

    Building an application from scratch or already working on a developed project, testing is part of the development proce...

    03 Oct 2022

  • Use CSS to put div side by side - 5 ways to do that

    Came across a situation where you want to put the div side by side? No worries, I will teach you five ways to align div...

    03 Oct 2022

  • 100 Python Projects for Practice

    Learning and building projects using Python will benefit you a lot, It helps you retain what you have learned

    03 Oct 2022

  • Complete guide to using C++ for competitive programming

    C++ is one of the oldest and most popular languages, and it is also popular in competitive programming because of its fa...

    03 Oct 2022

  • 10 Chrome Extensions for developers to save their life | Mujahid Khan

    Installing unwanted chrome extensions will hang your browsers, and some eat 90% of your RAM. I have curated the best ext...

    29 Sep 2022

  • 6 Websites To Help You Learn and Master CSS

    Explore these 6 websites and start learning CSS, these websites will teach you about everything related to CSS

    27 Sep 2022

  • 15 Best platforms to practice JavaScript

    If you are learning JS, I have curated the ten best platforms to practice JavaScript for free. 15 Best platforms to prac...

    26 Sep 2022

  • How to create Quotes generator using HTML, CSS & JS

    Learn how to create quotes generator using HTML, CSS & JS

    24 Sep 2022

  • 3rd Article got published on codedamn - How long does it take to learn React?

    Want to learn React? A clear roadmap and the right resources will help you learn faster and become Front-end developer.

    20 Sep 2022

  • BEUTY ReactJS Project

    Built a single-page React JS project, and created this project using the useState hook.

    20 Sep 2022

  • My Second Article Got Published on Codedamn 🥳 - How to Link CSS to HTML

    If you are a beginner on a web development journey or learning CSS for the first time, you should know how to write CSS...

    12 Sep 2022

  • My first article on codedamn - How long would it take to learn JavaScript?

    How long would it take to learn JavaScript? If you are a beginner learning JS having good resources and straightforward...

    09 Sep 2022

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