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Tapas Adhikary

Tapas Adhikary

UI/UX/ML. Blogger & Speaker
  • Java
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • CSS
  • SCSS
  • MySQL
  • React JS
  • Angular
  • Node
  • Full Stack
  • Web Development
  • Data Structures
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Git
  • Machine Learning
  • TryShape - Give your Creativity a Shape

    TryShape is an opensource platform to create shapes of your choice using a simple, easy-to-use interface. You can create...

    29 Jun 2021

  • React Clip Path - Make Shapes of Your Choice

    react-clip-path is a React-based open-source project to create shapes declaratively using CSS clip-path property. It is...

    27 Apr 2021

  • Princess Finder

    I've borrowed all the Disney Princess dolls from my daughter to build a Machine Learning model such that, an application...

    24 Dec 2020

  • Theme Builder

    👋 Hey, There! It is a theming system that helps you in building a theme of your choice and apply it to test it live. Wh...

    18 Nov 2020

  • Happy Paws Pet Store

    I love Cats 🐈. We will build a pet store app called Happy Paws for our customers to purchase some adorable Cats. Custome...

    08 Nov 2020

  • HTML File Upload

    Useful HTML File Upload Tips for Web Developers. This repository contains code examples that explain the tips in detail....

    18 Oct 2020

  • Learn CSS Animation

    As a beginner at CSS animations, I have learned some cool things and made a photo gallery 🖼️. This project repo is all a...

    06 Oct 2020

  • Jamstack Testimonial

    This app demonstrates the ease of building a serverless app using Gatsby, Netlify, and FaunaDB. Try out: https://testim...

    20 Sep 2020

  • Keyzz - Keyboard Events Playground

    👋 Hey there! Get to know all about the key events just with a keystroke. 🚀 Live demo The app is deployed using Vercel...

    13 Aug 2020

  • Demolab

    Demolab is my fantasy project created to understand the power of JAMstack using JavaScript(Reactjs), API(Netlify and Aws...

    02 Aug 2020

  • Notification Timeline

    It is a [reactjs]( based component that helps in managing the notifications in a time-based manner....

    30 Jul 2020

  • React Package Publisher

    react-package-publisher is a toolkit for reactjs developers to build, test, and publish a react component to the [Node P...

    20 Jul 2020

  • i18n-web

    i18n-web is a simple tool that helps in externalizing the strings in a JavaScript-based Application such that, Internati...

    20 May 2020

  • COVID-19 World

    COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus. This new virus and disease were un...

    24 Mar 2020

  • AQI React

    The aqi-react is a project created to know the Air Quality Index of various parts of the world. This project was bootst...

    20 Nov 2019

  • - My Website

    My Website is built using Gatsbyjs considering the Jamstack approach. It is running out of CDN hosted by Netlify.

    27 Oct 2019

  • Nanny Plum

    A Fun Project to Call Google Cloud API(Text to Speech) from Flutter. Do you know what? I have been using it at my home f...

    04 Jun 2019

  • My Blog - GreenRoots Blog

    Checkout My Blog: Knowledge Shared === Knowledge Gained

    Hashnode Powered  23 Mar 2019

  • Microservices Foundation

    LinkedIn  18 Mar 2019

  • Managing Someone Older Than You

    LinkedIn  09 Mar 2019

  • JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

    This is one of the most fundamental JavaScript courses to get the basics right. I could finish it in a day and a half an...

    Udemy  26 Dec 2018

  • UI/UX Manager and Architect


    Novell was acquired by Microfocus. I have worked on many languages & technologies like Java, JavaScript, React, Angularj...

    01 Nov 2012 - Present

  • Software Engineer & Consultant

    Novell India Pvt. Ltd.

    I have worked on JavaScript, Ajax, Dojo(heard about it?). It was my first end-to-end exposure to web development design...

    14 May 2007 - 31 Oct 2012

  • Sun Certified Java Programmer

    Well before Oracle got Java, it was from Sun Microsystems. I have done my SCJP certification in 2005.

    Sun Microsystems  01 Mar 2005

  • Associate Software Engineer

    Dell Perot Systems — TSI (India)

    First Job. Worked mostly on Java, J2EE, JSP, EJBs, and Web Technologies. Needless to say, these were the hot cakes of 20...

    20 Nov 2004 - 11 May 2007

  • Bachelor of Engineering(Computer Science & Engineering)

    Jalpaiguri Engineering College(JGEC)

    Started my Engineering graduation in the year 2000 and finished in 2004.

    Jalpaiguri  17 May 2004

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