Automate Your Profile Engagement With AI Twin "Topbot"

Project Description:

The project involves creating and implementing a comprehensive content strategy for Topmate, with a focus on promoting the newly launched Topbot feature, generating user-generated content (UGC), and increasing user sign-ups on LinkedIn and Twitter.


The main objective is to effectively promote Topbot on social media platforms, educate users about its functionalities, and encourage engagement and sign-ups. Additionally, the goal is to foster a community of active users who share their experiences and create valuable content for the platform.

Time Required:

The project timeline spans approximately 2-5weeks, including planning, content creation, implementation, and evaluation phases. Each task within the project requires specific time allocations:

- Task 1: 7-day promotion plan for Topbot

- Task 2: Development of content strategy for LinkedIn and Twitter

- Task 3: Ideation and creation of reel content

Tools Used:

1. Social Media Management Platforms: Tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, or Sprout Social for scheduling and managing social media posts across multiple platforms.

2. Content Creation Tools: Canva, Adobe Spark, or Photoshop for designing visuals, graphics, and videos.

3. Analytics Tools: Utilize analytics platforms provided by social media networks to track engagement, reach, and conversion metrics.

4. Collaboration Tools: Project management platforms like Trello for team coordination and task management.


By implementing this content strategy, Topmate aims to increase brand awareness, user engagement, and sign-ups while effectively promoting the Topbot feature. Through targeted promotion, educational content, and user-generated initiatives, Topmate seeks to establish itself as a valuable platform for professionals seeking to enhance their online presence. Ongoing monitoring and optimization will ensure the success and continued growth of Topmate's social media presence and user base.

16 Apr 2024

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Create Content Strategy for Topmate


We are thrilled to offer an exciting opportunity for aspiring content creators and social media enthusiasts to join our team. This role is designed to provide hands-on experience in content creation, social media management, and marketing.

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