Seth Moughan

Freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer based in CA.

Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Graphic Design
Video Editing

United States

  Studying at Shasta College

  • Tip Jar Design for Chicken Shack

    Graphic for tip jar for a local restaurant so that their patrons can vote who they think will win the Super Bowl.

    05 Feb 2024

  • Assistant IT Director


    Network administration and organization for NCCDI of Red Bluff.

    28 Jan 2024 - Present

    Fueler Achievement
  • Digital Art & Design CERT (In Progress)

    Shasta College

    16 Jan 2024

  • Foldout Business Card Concept

    Old concept for a foldout business card. Since then I have created a much less skeuomorphic and readable design.

    14 Dec 2023

  • Social Media Profile Picture 2023

    Updated social media profile picture.

    13 Dec 2023

  • Buster's Pawprints Mockup Sheet

    Mockup sheet for Buster's Pawprints Non-Profit.

    15 Nov 2023

  • Vaporwave Advertisement

    Advertisement for a friend's vaporwave-themed clothing brand.

    22 Dec 2021

  • Graduation - RBHS

    Red Bluff High School

    Completed education at Red Bluff High School.

    30 Jul 2021

    Fueler Achievement
  • High School Ad Page

    My yearbook Ad page for high school in 2021. Created in Photoshop.

    14 Jul 2021

  • Logo Mockups for Nexus Games

    Initial mockups for Nexus Games in Red Bluff, CA. Client ended up deciding to create design in-house.

    10 May 2021

  • Nor-Cal Employment Services Logo

    Logo for fledgling business Nor-Cal Employment Services.

    17 Mar 2021

  • Logos for Heroes Anonymous Podcast

    04 Jun 2020

  • Maker Showcase 2019 Logo

    Logo for Maker Showcase 2019, both merchandise and event.

    12 Nov 2019

  • Homecoming Pin Design

    Design for a pin for Red Bluff High School.

    14 May 2019

  • Externship at TCDE

    Tehama County Department of Education

    Design internship for local businesses and non-profit county projects.

    25 Feb 2019 - 25 Jun 2020

    Fueler Achievement

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