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My Collaborators
  • Twitter Thread

    A thread telling entrepreneurs how blog can help them with distribution.

    29 Jul 2022

  • Spec Ad for Tabasco

    24 May 2022

  • Twitter Thread

    - Conceptualized the topic, wrote the content, designed the graphic

    29 Apr 2022

  • Satire Social Media Copy

    Leveraged trending news to spread brand awareness and add to it's quirky personality

    13 Apr 2022

  • Head of Content & Community


    - Worked directly with Founders to create a content and community strategy. - Strategized the topics to address in blogs...

    01 Feb 2022 - 01 May 2022

  • 🥺 Why your earnings are less than your skills?

    2022 : The Year To Monetize Your Productivity. Still Don’t Have A Side Hustle? Get Productive, Bro.

    15 Jan 2022

  • Zadinga

    Writing explainer video scripts for an e-commerce app

    23 Aug 2021

  • SEO for Startups: How to Unleash the Power of Organic Traffic - KatLinks

    Every business needs SEO, and startups are not the exception. Written by - Sonam Gulati

    10 Aug 2021

  • Website Copy - Mentor Match

    Website Copy for a Ed-Tech Startup that raised $1mn "Had the pleasure of working with Sonam for the content on our webs...

    30 Jun 2021

  • Product Social Media Copy

    The brand wanted to introduce product range of their eyewear collection. Conceptualized the design, product name, image...

    20 Jun 2021

  • Techgyan - Landing Page

    Wireframing + Website Copy for a summer internship website

    10 Jun 2021

  • Pride Month Campaign

    Creating a pride month campaign for an eyewear brand

    01 Jun 2021

  • The Importance of Interactive Engagement | LiveLike Blog

    Importance of Interactive Engagement a Digital Platform Brings.

    18 Feb 2021

  • Rishi Kapoor- The Eternal Chocolate boy

    The podcast talks about the illustrious career of Rishi Kapoor and why he was the most successful son of Raj Kapoor. Scr...

    07 May 2020

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