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  Working at Capgemini

  • The Bizarre Story Of Entrepreneurship

    Context: For all those people like me who're immersed in the thought of where they are headed in life, for those who are...

    02 Jul 2023

  • What Defines “Good Content” In 2023?

    Objective:- Being a beginner in the content writing industry, I have wondered so many times, whether my content is good...

    25 Jun 2023

  • How To Become An Idea Factory

    Objective: To help others become self-sufficient when it comes to generating content ideas & also to make my content wri...

    08 Jun 2023

  • Idea Factory (Part 2)

    As a continuation of Part 1 of this content writing idea series, here is Part 2 for all of you. 10 professional ideas a...

    23 May 2023

  • Idea Factory (Part 1)

    As a beginner if you are stuck in your content writing journey then here is some fuel for all of you...fuelers. The best...

    23 May 2023

  • Press The Pause Button

    Sometimes we need to pause in life & reflect upon what is happening. Here is what I have found after pressing the pause...

    17 May 2023

  • The Treasure Hunt

    Go get the treasure hidden within yourself & expand your luck surface area. Here are my 2 cents on it.

    05 May 2023

  • Rainy Evenings Of Childhood…

    Some memories of childhood, that never get old.

    03 May 2023

  • Yayy! It’s My Anniversary

    Here is my rejuvenation about the year which is stuffed with lessons of almost 2-3 years.

    02 May 2023

  • What Gets Them Going ??

    The Not-So-Secret sauce behind a million-dollar mystery.

    26 Apr 2023

  • You’re Not Alone

    This blog pretty much sums up my days for the last 6-7 months.

    25 Apr 2023

  • A Short Message To That Kid…

    A tweet on my Twitter feed made me pen this blog today.

    24 Apr 2023

  • Regrets Of My Life

    Some regrets in my life, that I am trying to compensate for now by taking action.

    23 Apr 2023

  • Wonderland of Warikoo…WoW

    Ankur Warikoo is one of the most known faces on the internet space. He is a content creator, entrepreneur, investor, pub...

    22 Apr 2023

  • Rate Yourself In This Skill

    Shared my 2 cents on the importance of a very crucial life skill.

    22 Apr 2023

  • Best Learning Period Of Life

    Meaning of "Moving out of your comfort zone."

    20 Apr 2023

  • Life — A Roller Coaster

    Life is getting really hard each day. Here is how..

    19 Apr 2023

  • Light Comedy Wins…

    New stress buster in the house.

    18 Apr 2023

  • Why Everyone Should Write??

    Living in the 21st century, when change has been in its fastest form ever, writing is a skill that keeps us sane. Here a...

    15 Apr 2023

  • Kolkata Beckons...

    Being away from home for a long period of time is painful. While shuffling the gallery, I found some snaps of my hometow...

    08 Apr 2023

  • Life & Nature Twinning Together

    Amidst the hustle bustle of daily life, I found something on the lap of nature which was resonating with almost all of u...

    07 Apr 2023

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    20 Sep 2021

  • Software Engineer


    As a front end developer, I develop UI pages using Angular framework.

    07 Sep 2021 - Present

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  • Master Of Computer Application

    Techno International New Town, Kolkata

    29 Jul 2021

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  • Bachelor Of Science

    Vidyasagar College, Calcutta University

    I have done my Bsc honors in Computer Science.

    19 Jul 2018

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  • Primary & High School


    08 Apr 2015

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