Shilpi Sebait

I express my opinion on anything that I find very interesting and have my point of view. Welcome to my world where you will find different opinions on different topics!

Content Writing
Google Search
Public Speaking


  Working at Learned a lot about sports here. Sports and gaming were the main fanda of this company. Also learned a lot about image altering and SEO. At Icy Tales I have worked on a variety of topics. I used to roam freely in different worlds with fashion, food, travel, lifestyle, etc. I also learned how to do proper search engine optimization content here. Along with this, I worked very well with the team and edited for a few months. Never worked in a tech company before but Posimyth Innovation is the first IT company for me. What is search engine optimization what is it used for and what exactly is technical writing or how to do marketing I learned that here. Pinkvilla was originally an entertainment-based media company. I learned news writing from Bollywood, Hollywood, and all over the world. I have learned everything from how to capture news of different celebrities or how to write spot news and how to write paps news.

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