Thumbnail Design for GrowthX Youtube Video

This is my Submission of two Youtube Video Thumbnail Design for GrowthX.

Descripition :-

I choose the First problem Statement i.e., Design 2 thumbnails to A/B test the best CTR for YouTube.
I did the brand research and understood the design guidelines & language of GrowthX. I carefully selected the selcted the pictures and Compositions for my Thumbnails and made 2 iterations with the aim to catch viewers attention and intrigue them to view the Video.

Design Direction: -

I used all the elements and colors that is used by GrowthX in their Thumbnails to maintain the brand consistency so that one can easily recognise them from the thumbnail. The overall design is clean and balanced and conveys the message of the video itself while intriguing viewers to click on the video to know more.

(To know more about my thought process, head to Thought Proccess & Analysis page of the Figma file)

Research & Inspiration:- Dribbble, Behance, Youtube, GrowthX YT channel & Website

Tools Used :- Figma

13 Jan 2024

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Design a creative for GrowthX


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Option 1:

IPL is gearing up to launch its 2024 season. Imagine GrowthX is creating a 30-minute long-form video breaking down core insights behind IPL’s business model & growth strategy. The title of the vid...