Satabrata Paul

A passionate backend and cloud developer from India


  Studying at Heritage Institute Of Technology, Kolkata

  • Audifie-AWS-Lambdas

    AWS Lambda Trigger code which builds a serverless backend to convert any form of textual data in the form of jpg or png...

    01 Jun 2022

  • GraphQL FullStack

    GraphQL Full Stack is a project demonstrating how we can query and mutate data on a server using graphql queries from th...

    24 Mar 2022

  • Postman Student Leader

    - Lead a workshop, training session, or event to teach Postman. - Use Postman resources and recommended practices to hel...

    Postman,  17 Mar 2022

  • Open Source Contributor

    GirlScript Summer of Code 2022

    Open source contribution in backend development in the following project - Open-certs backend Open-Certs backend is ba...

    01 Mar 2022 - 31 May 2022

  • Backend Engineer Intern


    Developed backend flows for regex creation and orchestration of various financial service notifications/messages that us...

    24 Jan 2022 - 31 May 2022

  • Google Oauth Authentication

    Backend Code for GoogleOauth or Google Signin Authentication using NodeJS and ExpressJS

    22 Jan 2022

  • Evernote Application

    This is a Project which inculcates a web application , that is designed entirely over FLASK as a web development framewo...

    08 Aug 2021

  • Microsoft Technology Associate - Python

    Earners of the MTA: Introduction to Programming Using Python certification have demonstrated the skills and knowledge to...

    Microsoft,  23 Jun 2021

  • Bachelor Of Technology

    Heritage Institute Of Technology, Kolkata

    Pursuing Bachelor Of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering and currently in 3rd year with a CGPA of 9.14 up to...

    30 Jul 2019

    Fueler Achievement

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