Sahil Patel

Curious about startups, Product , VC and creator economy

  Studying at Nirma University

My Collaborators
  • Maker School

    Empowering people to build tech products without code

    15 Jun 2021

  • Become A VC

    A curated directory of 200+ Resources for breaking into VC

    21 Apr 2021

  • Startup Lyst

    Startup Lyst is a one-stop resource library for startups and entrepreneurs with curated list of the best tools and resou...

    10 Jan 2021

  • Top 10 Books Reviews

    A blog about reviews of top 10 books in all categories and top 10 books recommended by CEO's

    01 Nov 2019

  • Btech

    Institute of Technology, Nirma University

    01 Jun 2019

  • High School

    ST Xavier's High School

    01 Jun 2017

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