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Rutik Wankhade

Rutik Wankhade

Hi! I am Rutik. I am a self taught developer who loves building products from scratch. From brainstorming, designing, coding, to marketing, I love every bit of it.
  • Content and Creative Writing
  • Front-End Development
  • Javascript
  • React JS
  • Redux
  • Technical Writing
Currently Building at Tabwave
  • Halfbakedideas is #2 Product of the day

    I launched half baked ideas on product hunt and it was #2 Product of the day on Producthunt

    Product Hunt  01 Aug 2022

  • Half baked ideas

    Half baked ideas is an open platform to share your "what if there was an app that could do xyz" ideas. You can submit yo...

    01 Aug 2022

  • 500 Stars on Github for Coverview

    My first open-source project Coverview, a tool to create cover images for your blogs quickly has reached 500+ stars on G...

    Github  25 Jun 2022

  • Coverview is #1 Product of the day

    Coverview is an open-source tool to create cover images for your blogs quickly and easily. After revamping coverview wit...

    Product hunt  24 Apr 2022

  • Runners up in Netlify x Hashnode hackathon

    Hashnode partnered with Netlify to host a 4 week-long hackathon. My project Glimpse, an app to track and talk about the...

    Hashnode x Netlify  18 Mar 2022

  • Glimpse

    Glimpse is an app to discover, track and talk about the books you are reading. - Instant search for books from the data...

    01 Mar 2022

  • 50000+ pageviews on my blog

    My blog at reached 50k+ pageviews on Hashnode. I write about web development, Js, React,...

    Hashnode  31 Dec 2021

  • my year in review

    myyearinreview is an app to reflect on your year in a simple, guided, and fun way.

    27 Dec 2021

  • My year in Review is #5 Product of the day

    I launched myyearinreview, an app to reflect on your year in a simple, guided, and fun way. It was the #5 product of the...

    Product Hunt  27 Dec 2021

  • Top 10 Reader in 2021 on Hashnode

    Being part of the hashnode community, I got recognized among the top 10 Readers in 2021 on Hashnode. No wonder I love re...

    Hashnode  20 Dec 2021

  • Bucket

    Create your bucket list and fulfill your dreams. Bucket list is a number of experiences or achievements that a person h...

    30 Sep 2021

  • themakersclub

    The makersclub is a social platform for makers where you can showcase what you built, ask for constructive feedback, dis...

    30 Jun 2021

  • Software Development Intern


    I worked as a Software Developer Intern at Twimbit. I mostly worked on building the user interface of the Twimbit platfo...

    01 Mar 2021 - 01 May 2021

    Fueler Experience
  • Runners up in Vercel x Hashnode hackathon

    Hashnode hosted a 3 week-long hackathon partnered with Vercel. My project was runner-up among the 100+ participants. I b...

    Hashnode X Vercel  11 Feb 2021

  • Devspace

    devspace is an app that shows the top posts from the best developer platforms like hashnode,, product hunt, hacke...

    07 Feb 2021

  • Tabwave is #5 Product of the day

    I launched Tabwave on Product hunt. It was #5 product of the day on 22nd Jan 2021. In the first week of its launch, it r...

    Product hunt  22 Jan 2021

  • Tabwave

    Tabwave is an all-in-one mindful productive app to replace your browser's boring new tabs. Get more done with to-do list...

    21 Jan 2021

  • Winner of Christmas Hackathon

    Hashnode hosted a 10-day-long Christmas hackathon. This was the first hackathon I ever participated and I was among the...

    Hashnode  04 Jan 2021

  • Counterbox

    Counter box counts the words as you type. It counts the total characters and words and estimates the reading time based...

    16 Nov 2020

  • Hosted a live coding session

    As a part of a developer student club on our campus, I hosted a live session on Getting started with web development. A...

    Developer Students Club  04 Oct 2020

  • Coverview

    Coverview is a tool to create cover images for blogs quickly and easily. - ๐Ÿš€ super fast and easy to use - ๐ŸŒˆ 4 different...

    28 Aug 2020

  • Apihouse: find free APIs for your next side project.

    Get the collective list of free APIs for your next side projects. This is an unofficial alternative site for [public-api...

    16 Jun 2020

  • Skymate

    Skymate is a simple weather app that fetches real-time weather data of any location. It shows the temperature, humidity,...

    03 Jun 2020

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