I am a second year B.tech Student. I have started an Youtube channel , and learning video editing so that I can deliver the best content , which makeas you fall in video . I edit videos

Adobe Premiere
Video Editing


  Studying at I am second year B.tech Student .

  • designing sound, Brolls, in a talking head video

    Objective- Doing best rough cuts , sound design, Best use of texts and texts backgrounds, using some Brolls for better v...

    25 Nov 2023

  • Editing Brolls on Premiere Pro.

    Objective- Shot and edited cinematic Brolls .Which helps in getting better audience retention. Timeline-0:30 min Softw...

    23 Nov 2023

  • Masking video on Premiere Pro

    Objective-In this i showcased A story telling , learnt How to do Masking on Premiere Pro. Timeline-0:48 Software Used-...

    22 Nov 2023

  • How to keep pacing of video very pleasing.

    Objective- In this video I tried to make video and edit like youtuber casey neistat. where I tried to keep video pacing...

    20 Nov 2023

  • Sound Designing in video using premiere pro.

    Objective- performed best Sound design that I can do , in a given video footage by Tharun Speaks. Timeline-0:31 min So...

    18 Nov 2023

  • Match Cuts in a video using Premiere Pro

    Objective- You will find lots of match cuts in this video, Brolls in this video is impressive. timeline-0:33 min Softw...

    03 Nov 2023

  • Difference Between Green Screen and Blue Screen.

    Objective-To learn the difference Between using blue screen and blue screen , how to remove green screen and add differe...

    14 Sep 2023

  • My Best Edited Vlog .

    objective- This was my first vlog ,which people appreciated a lot just because of good editing. this video was shared by...

    04 Sep 2023

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