Prajwal Kadao

Hey, I'm Prajwal Kadao, and I'm a video editor based in Bengaluru. My main focus is on crafting captivating videos for YouTube and social media.

Graphic Design
Video Editing



  • Key Note style edit

    Enhanced audio and Stylish Subtitles for a polished and engaging listening experience.

    23 Aug 2023

  • Podcast Style

    Streamlined podcast editing: Trimmed content, smooth transitions, enhanced audio and Stylish Subtitles for a polished an...

    23 Aug 2023

  • The Tragic Tale of Reddit?

    15 Aug 2023

  • Pakistan is DYING?

    15 Aug 2023

  • Voice Over Style edit

    From concept to creation, every step was my own, resulting in a clean and straightforward voice-over edit that enhances...

    31 Jul 2023

  • Split screen edit for Shashank Udupa

    Captivating split-screen edit on Instagram for Shashank Udupa, Founder & COO of Avalon Labs. This edit features sleek su...

    31 Jul 2023

  • BJP vs 26 parties Voice over edit

    31 Jul 2023

  • Video Editor

    Fueler Achievement
  • Mini Vlog : 48hrs in Bengaluru

    Mini Vlog that I shot and edited when I visited Bengaluru for 48 hours for a meet up

    28 May 2023

  • Walmart

    23 May 2023

  • Zero Gravity's My Shelter Store

    Capturing the journey from lens to heart: Crafting an unforgettable masterpiece that resonates through the art of shooti...

    15 May 2023

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