Pratyush Lokhande

  • Last Moment Tuitions - Youtube Thumbnails

    I've been making thumbnails for Last Moment Tuitions for about 4 months now - A channel with 800k+ Subscribers. It has...

    15 Dec 2022

  • Extra work - Thumbnails

    I've been trying Thumbnail designs for various Youtube creators. This one is featuring Tanmay Bhat Check the "Proof" to...

    15 Dec 2022

  • LMT - Reel Thumbnail Designs

    I've made Instagram Reel thumbnails for Last Moment Tuitions - A Youtube channel with 800k+ Subscribers. Check the "Pro...

    15 Dec 2022

  • Shark tank India post

    I designed this post for our college E-Cell Instagram Check the "Proof" to know which posts I have worked on. Ping me...

    27 Oct 2022

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