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Sneham Pal

Sneham Pal

Budding Product Designer | Interested in everything product | Have to design a way to explain my relatives what I do | Currently looking for opportunities in design
Currently Studying at IIEST,Shibpur
  • Increasing user sign ups through a better onboarding for ContactOut

    ContactOut is an email scraper tool used in LinkedIn and Github. This case study talks about how signups could be increa...

    17 Apr 2022

  • Portfolio website

    Sneham Pal | Product designer in the making

    13 Apr 2022

  • How I made being productive a more rewarding experience¬†: an UI/UX case study

    Do you find yourself looking at your phone every 5 minutes? In this case study I have tried to solve the problem of digi...

    03 Apr 2022

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