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Oshal Urade

Oshal Urade

I'm a Multi-disciplinary designer with 5+ years of exp in building and designing physical as well as digital products. Listening to Soft music and adventures are my all time favourites. When am not working I’m mostly sleeping and probably looking for inspirations in my dreams
  • Design
  • Product Design
  • Product Knowledge
  • Product Management
  • Project Launch
  • UI/UX Design
Currently Building at
  • Comming Soon Page

    Comming soon Page designed for Bengaluru Based Metaverse App. All the 3d Assets (Vidhan Soudha, Iskcon temple, UB-City)...

    06 Aug 2022

  • Timepass Websites - A curation of fun and useless websites

    A fun project made during the weekend along with couple of friends. [](

    01 Aug 2022

  • Chrome Extension Plugin

    Bookmark of the day is a chrome extension which shows you one bookmark everyday and makes revisiting bookmarks a blissfu...

    07 Jul 2022

  • NFT Card Game

    NFT based card game made for

    26 May 2022

  • Logo design for Vyomanaut

    11 May 2022

  • ISRO NFT Page

    A quick MVP along with 3d assets were made to show the existence of the project in 1 week. Along with this few more pag...

    24 Feb 2022

  • Audius Design Review

    Audius is a project to move on Solana blockchain and has been growing rapidly, now with over 1 million monthly listeners...

    15 Nov 2021

  • Masters in Design

    National Institute of Design

    13 Sep 2021

    Fueler Education
  • Covid Nagpur SOS

    An app that attempts to bring the most extensive collection of public resources to help people fight against COVID in Na...

    05 Apr 2021

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