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My Collaborations
Om Kaushik

Om Kaushik

Front-end Web Developer || Learning JavaScript and React
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
Currently Studying at Sri Chaitanya
  • - Virtual Reality Platform Concept Website

    21 Feb 2022

  • MindPeace

    You will discover some mental health resources on this page.

    01 Oct 2021

  • Streamix

    Coded this UI from [](

    30 Sep 2021

  • Tweeples

    Discover Inspiring Developers and Designers To Follow On Twitter

    14 Aug 2021

  • Jadoo

    From the [Figma]( community, I...

    03 Aug 2021

  • CuttingChai

    Coded this UI from [](

    31 Jul 2021

  • The mesh gradient collection

    A collection of mesh gradients Develop is Website from scratch

    30 Jul 2021

  • Eureka

    I coded this UI from [@FuelerHQ]( Special thanks to [@designerSaha](https://twitter...

    26 Jul 2021

  • Creator's Journey

    Discover journey of creators from all over the world

    26 Jun 2021

  • theyellowsecretdiary

    This is My First web dev project.

    14 Jun 2021

  • Rnar Collage Samastipur

    Ram Nirikshan Atma Ram College Samastipur

    I am currently pursuing higher secondary from here

    Samastipur  10 Jun 2020

    Fueler Education
  • Sri Chaitanya Techno School

    Sri Chaitanya

    I have completed my high school from here.

    Vizag  21 Mar 2020

    Fueler Education

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