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Mahak Makharia

Mahak Makharia

Developer || Designer || Day Dreamer
  • Javascript
  • React JS
  • Graphic Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Branding
  • Judge, Avatar 2021

    I was invited to judge a character designing competition organized in the annual cultural fest of IIIT Vadodra.

    Kreiva, Cultural Fest of IIITV  14 Feb 2021

  • Chat-App

    Developed a group chat-room using Reactjs, express and

    12 Feb 2021

  • Re-Focus

    A productivity chrome extension that helps you stay focused and relaxed every time you open a new tab.

    02 Feb 2021

  • This Is What You Are Looking For

    Designed the book cover for this book by Nishtha Gehija, it's now published by Notion Press.

    22 Jan 2021

  • 50 Timeless Learnings

    A compilation of the first 50 pieces of The Designer Dev Digest. It was released to celebrate the 100th Day of the diges...

    17 Jan 2021

  • Designer Dev

    Designed and developed a website for my brand The Designer Dev using WordPress

    16 Jan 2021

  • Library Management System

    Developing a library management desktop application using Java as a part of the college curriculum

    01 Dec 2020

  • Graphic Designer


    Joined the team (wariCrew) of Ankur Warikoo, founder of

    18 Nov 2020 - Present

  • 100 Subscribers of the Digest

    100 unique readers subscribed to my digest in 25 days!

    The Designer Dev  03 Nov 2020

  • Helping Hands of Kolkata

    Re-designed and added new elements to the website of this NGO made using WordPress

    01 Nov 2020

  • Frontend Development Intern

    Propelius Technologies

    Developed the responsive UI of their product, Power Sales: a lead management system using Nextjs and Material UI

    19 Oct 2020 - 19 Jan 2021

  • The Designer Dev Digest

    Why: The internet is overflowing with all kinds of content. Most people don’t understand how the content they consume af...

    10 Oct 2020

  • Restaurant Finder

    A website made using Zomato Developer API which lets you find and filter restaurants in any location.

    02 Oct 2020


    Designed the content for their Instagram handle.

    01 Sep 2020

  • Graphic Designer


    Designed social media content for their clients.

    01 Sep 2020 - 01 Oct 2020

    Fueler Experience
  • DSC Lead at IEM

    Selected as the community lead of the largest club on campus, powered directly by Google Developers.

    Google Developers  10 Aug 2020

  • Ferry App

    Designed and developed the UI of this logistics App using the Ionic Framework.

    01 Aug 2020

  • Internet Lifestyle Club

    Decided their content strategy and designed the post for their Instagram Handle.

    01 Aug 2020


    Designing the content for Vaibhav Sisinty's Instagram account.

    01 Aug 2020

  • Guest Speaker

    I was invited by Madhav Bahl, to speak on personal branding and how to design the branding for a company

    Web Mentor Webinars  01 Aug 2020


    A ReactJS based application for testing COVID19 and managing patients.

    15 May 2020

    Fueler Project
  • The Designer Dev

    Simplifying Complexity!

    15 Apr 2020

  • CollegeShala

    Ideated and designed the logo and UI of their product which helped them in raising a quarter-million dollars.

    01 Mar 2020

  • Head of Public Relations

    IEM Quizzard Club  20 Feb 2020

  • Cookytech Technologies

    Developed their responsive portfolio website.

    01 Feb 2020

  • PetoPedia

    Decided the content strategy and designed it for their website.

    01 Jan 2020

  • SWE Intern

    Cookytech Technologies

    Worked on an e-learning platform built using ReactJS, NodeJS and Firebase.

    20 Dec 2019 - 01 Jul 2020

  • 4th Position

    My team secured the 4th position in a competitive coding competition, CoDecode at Technorion Kolkata.

    Techfest IITB  15 Oct 2019

    Fueler Achievement
  • MFLEduClub

    Developed their Portfolio website using Wordpress.

    01 Sep 2019

  • Smart Maker Festival 2019

    I had managed the team which designed and developed the websites for my college's global event, Smart Maker Festival 201...

    01 Aug 2019

    Fueler Project
  • Head of Public Relations

    Unseen and Beyond

    05 Jul 2019 - 05 Jan 2020

    Fueler Experience
  • Product R&D Intern

    SystemOnSilicon Corp

    Developed portfolio websites for their products in the field of agriculture and health. Improved the UI/UX of their cros...

    01 Jun 2019 - 01 Sep 2019

    Fueler Experience
  • Quiz Master of Qriosity

    I had hosted a quiz themed on women in IEM Women's Era 2019

    IEM, Kolkata  05 Mar 2019

    Fueler Achievement
  • Graphic and UI/UX Designer

    Exam Preparation Online

    Helped in designing the UI/UX of their website. Developed and designed daily content for their social media pages. Edite...

    01 Jan 2019 - 01 Apr 2019

    Fueler Experience
  • 11th Position in WWWIZARD  02 Oct 2018

    Fueler Achievement
  • Campus Ambassador

    I was responsible for creating awareness about the platform in my campus.

    01 Sep 2018 - 01 Jan 2019

    Fueler Experience
  • B.Tech in CSE

    Institute of Engineering and Management

    Kolkata  01 Aug 2018

    Fueler Education
  • High School

    Mahadevi Birla Shishu Vihar

    Kolkata  01 May 2018

    Fueler Education
  • Miss Tech Talker

    Mahadevi Birla Shishu Vihar  02 Feb 2018

    Fueler Achievement

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