Максим Лосовский

Graphic designer

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Graphic Design
UI/UX Design
Web Design



  • joomly — music player for ur smartphone

    "joomply" is, a stylish and modern player for your smartphone. The best solution for those who love convenience, simplic...

    08 Aug 2023

  • PORTFOLIO, "Tyler, the Creator" and VPN service

    A portfolio of two works. Site about Tyler — "Tyler, the Creator", as well as a site for VPN service.

    17 Apr 2023

  • First place in hackaton on hoster.by

    hoster.by,  18 Feb 2023

  • Migliore Bakery — web site

    Development of comfortable, pleasant and aesthetically pleasing website design for Migliore bakery chain, which opens it...

    25 Apr 2022

  • Logofolio — graffiti-style logos

    You like graffiti? Then viewing this logofolio will delight you and your eye.

    18 Nov 2021

  • GINIO — branding esports team

    Modern and stylish logo design, cap, jersey and hoodie for cyber sports team. It took three days to design the logo. On...

    03 Oct 2021

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