Kiki Opeyemi

Experienced website designer and social media manager specializing in creating stunning websites and driving impactful social media campaigns.Passionate about helping startups grow

Graphic Design
Social Media Marketing
Web Design
Web Development



  • vokexe

    spa website on shopify

    30 Nov 2023

  • Boujee Best Friend by Kornelija Slunjski

    Kornelija Slunjski aka @kokobeaute is a former make-up artist and beauty expert who moonlights as a content creator, pod...

    19 Aug 2023

    Fueler Project

    We make beauty good for you! All natural, weightless skincare, makeup, nail polish and candles.

    10 Aug 2023

  • Tropic Skincare | Free Gift on Orders over £80

    Shop up to 50% off in our winter sale. When you spend £80 you can choose 3 free mini products, spend £120 receive a free...

    08 Jun 2023

  • Zanna Beauty~Affordable Beauty Supplies~Makeup Brush Sets~Bags~Masks

    Shop Zanna Beauty an ONLINE BEAUTY SUPPLY STORE. We take great pride in bringing you quality, unique beauty supplies at...

    22 Oct 2022

  • Upwork freelance

    Upwork talent

    I work remotely and also freelance on upwork.

    09 Jul 2022 - Present

  • High school

    Iganmode grammar school

    I attended iganmode for my high school education and the experience was awesome

    27 Jul 2018

    Fueler Achievement

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