Khushi Kailasnath Chinnappala

Hello, I'm Khushi, an aspiring PM. I worked with Dunzo, Deloitte in the finance domain and am eager to leverage my financial, analytical, and project management skills experience

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  Working at Leveraging a solid foundation in finance and a keen eye for data-driven decision-making, I am a Finance Associate at Dunzo, Bengaluru, transitioning into the dynamic field of Product Management. My journey began at Deloitte as an Engagement Financial Advisor, where I honed my skills in project management, financial analysis, and strategic planning. Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated an ability to optimize resources, uncover cost-saving opportunities, and enhance efficiency through meticulous analysis and reporting. At Dunzo, my work has directly contributed to identifying $500K in cost-saving opportunities and a 35% increase in overall company cost control, underscoring my capability to drive significant financial improvements. My collaborative efforts with cross-functional teams have been pivotal in providing actionable financial insights, supporting budgeting and planning processes, and improving reporting efficiency by 40%. My experience is further enriched by internships at CapNetic Consulting Group and CRED, where I engaged in financial modeling, market research, and contributed to product development efforts. These roles underscored my ability to adapt, innovate, and contribute to growth and efficiency improvements.

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