Keerthan K

  • Tinder Modern Dictionary Copies and Content

    Created 'Tinder Modern Dating Dictionary' where I wrote both copy and content that showed words that have been inculcate...

    06 Apr 2023

  • Copy for Under 25 Dictionary on Instagram

    The type of copies written for Under 25 Dictionary which we would later pitch to brands

    06 Apr 2023

  • 75+ Million Impressions with Copy Writing

    Generated 75+ Million Impressions by writing 500+ copies on @under25dictionary on Instagram over the last 8 months.

    04 Apr 2023

  • Content Optimisation and Organisation for Under 25

    Headed the writing and content curation division of the company and regularly edited and optimised content before it was...

    04 Apr 2023

  • Copy written for Groww on Under 25 Dictionary

    Generated 10,000+ Likes with this copy written for Groww, an investment platform keeping in mind the teenager tendency t...

    07 Mar 2023

  • Copy Writing for Coca-Cola on Under 25 Dictionary

    Drove impressions with writing this copy for Coca-Cola for a brand collaboration with the Under 25 Summit 2023.

    03 Mar 2023

  • Copy written for Duolingo on Under 25 Dictionary

    Highlighted Brand partnership for the Under 25 Summit with copy in 'Youth Lingo'

    23 Feb 2023

  • Copy for App Description

    Write copy for an update log of the Under 25 App which would describe the latest version of the App to the users

    22 Feb 2023

  • Copy Writing for Tinder on Under 25 Dictionary

    Impacted with ___ Impressions by writing copy for Tinder for their Valentine's day campaign on Under 25 Dictionary

    12 Feb 2023

  • Copy Written for Vh1 Supersonic on Under 25 Dictionary

    14 Dec 2022

  • LinkedIn Copy & Content for Under 25 Universe

    Handled Copy and content for Under 25's LinkedIn and specifically optimized and organized content

    06 Dec 2022

  • Copy Written for Puma on Under 25 Dictionary

    Generated _________ impressions for Puma for the campaign on the birthday of Virat Kohli

    10 Nov 2022

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