Harshit Gupta

Digital marketing trainer with 9+ years of experience. He has personally trained more than 5000+ individuals on digital marketing, Growth Hacking, and SEO.

Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Training & Development


  Working at Founder of GrowthAcad

  • GrowthAcad: digital marketing course in Pune

    The Digital Marketing Course in Pune offered by GrowthAcad is designed to equip individuals with the skills necessary to...

    07 Apr 2024

  • Choosing the best digital marketing training institute in Pune with Placement

    Here are a few tips for learning digital marketing courses in Pune: - Look for reputed institutes: Pune has several wel...

    06 Apr 2024

  • Digital marketing course fee and eligibility in Pune, India

    Here's an overview of [digital marketing course fees](https://growthacad.com/digital-marketing/course-fees/), duration,...

    05 Apr 2024

  • Recognized as a leader in digital marketing and AI education

    🏆 Honored to be recognized as a leader in digital marketing and AI education! 🚀 At [GrowthAcad](https://www.linkedin....

    D Y Patil Group,  13 Mar 2024

  • Founder and digital marketing trainer


    Harshit Gupta, the founder of GrowthACad, has an impressive journey in the field of digital marketing. With over 7 years...

    16 Mar 2022 - Present

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