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Harshita Garg

Harshita Garg

Hi learners! It's Harshita here, a life-long learner. I have developed websites, painted pictures through my words, ran a talk series with 170+ sessions and 350+ community members, currently managing communities, and social media platforms for brands. That's all to brag about!
  • Content and Creative Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Technical Writing
  • Community Management
  • Event Management
  • Hosting Events
  • Meetup Organizer
  • Podcasting
Currently Studying at HMR Institute of Technology and Management, GGSIPU
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  • Hack The Mountains || HTM QUBITS || Session-21

    Got a chance to be a guest speaker at a hackathon, Hack the Mountains (HTM 3.0), and shared my expertise around leveragi...

    13 Sep 2022

  • Community Management Portfolio.pdf

    Represents by past experience with communities. Building, engaging, and creating for communities is my passion and profe...

    03 Sep 2022

  • 7 Ways Cold Emailing is Different than Email Marketing

    77% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months. Emails has become a part of our life...

    31 Aug 2022

  • LinkedIn Branding Portfolio

    This is the LinkedIn Branding Portfolio both for Personal Branding and Company Profiles.

    19 Aug 2022

  • Graphic Designing Portfolio

    Combined all my designs in one place. This includes Carousel posts, certificate templates, cover page designs, illustrat...

    19 Aug 2022

  • Develop an Ecommerce website in just 5 Steps

    According to [Nasdaq](

    15 Aug 2022

  • 500+ Proof of Work Ideas | Fueler

    Gave 100 proof of ideas in the community management domain. Check out the tab to make your community management portfoli...

    27 Jul 2022

  • 7 Important SEO checks for Small Business Owners

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    25 Jul 2022

  • You spend more time commuting than giving a self-talk

    You spend more time commuting than giving a self-talk Do you remember when you decided to let go of a job opportunity be...

    12 Jul 2022

  • YouTube Podcast

    Startup Talks with Harshita is a mission to get into conversation with interesting people who have started their "buildi...

    17 Jun 2022

  • Community Management and Freelancing in College | Honest Talks 🔥🔥

    Meet the Community Manager for FIFO and my junior - Harshita :)

    28 Apr 2022

  • Introduction to Automation Technology

    Introduction to Automation Technology Automation is one of the finest processes we use daily in various industries to re...

    12 Jan 2022

  • Invited as a Guest Speaker for the Resume Building Workshop

    I was invited to deliver this workshop by Refine, a Consulting Club of MAIT,

    07 Dec 2021

  • Invited as a Guest Speaker for the LinkedIn Profile Building Workshop

    Under Project Unnati, a workshop on LinkedIn profile building was organized by the RAC Delhi Vibrance. During the sessio...

    13 Nov 2021

  • Featured on Good Paragraph

    Know the story of an introvert girl who has organized 170+ sessions and outgrown her skills over time. Remember, she is...

    Good Paragraph  23 Aug 2021

  • Instagram Live Session to talk about the journey of Content to Conversion

    It's the independence day special, as the interviewer gets interviewed! [@harshitanetworks](

    15 Aug 2021

  • Explore Studentpreneur Journey ft. Harshita Garg

    This was a 20-min candid conversation around a student's journey hustling between college, side-hustle, internships, som...

    02 Aug 2021

  • Portfolio website

    This is the portfolio website showcasing my past works, skills, and the companies I have worked with.

    25 Jun 2021

  • Build your portfolio website using VS Code

    Geeks for Geeks HMRITM has organized a 2-Day workshop on "HTML & CSS" in collaboration with Microsoft Learn Student Amba...

    12 Jun 2021

  • Tech magazine cover page design

    A cover page design for the college technical magazine

    11 Apr 2021

  • Invited as a Guest Speaker to speak on "Using LinkedIn the right way"

    GeekZie has organized this webinar on "Using LinkedIn The Right Way" by Harshita garg on 20 March (Saturday), 2021.

    GeekZie  20 Mar 2021

  • Guest Speaker at an IG Live

    The Freelancer’s journey episode 11: LinkedIn Hello and welcome to the 11th episode of the Freelancer’s journey. Today,...

    14 Mar 2021

  • Instagram Live Session to talk about Internships

    As I have 20+ internships, this session was full of questions about Internships. How to get one, how to gain skills, how...

    10 Mar 2021

  • 6 things you should know about Content Marketing

    #1 Clearing the basics Do you know there is a difference between the target market and the target audience? Target marke...

    17 Jan 2021

  • Invited as a Guest Speaker for Workshop on Personal Portfolio Website

    This workshop was a 2-hour long discussion for who want to make their own portfolio website but don't know where to star...

    The Conflux Rivista  09 Jan 2021

  • Freelancing- a plethora of opportunities

    In 2020, we can’t deny the fact that everything is being done online, and if you ask me I would have not imagined myself...

    06 Jan 2021


    19 Dec 2020


    The college started with fun and enthusiasm as every semester begins, but this one was special for Gaurav and Ritik. The...

    19 Oct 2020


    In the lives full of tension and loads of work, planning a trip once in a while is a necessity. A trip refreshes you. It...

    07 Oct 2020


    Do you often feel that your time is slipping from your hand like sand? Then, you are no different. It happens with all o...

    30 Sep 2020

  • Boost your front-end development skills

    E-learning has been playing an important role in this lockdown. The uses of websites and web apps have taken a whole new...

    15 Sep 2020

  • Content in Indian Journalism

    the content focussing on TRP rather than the NEWS is directly or indirectly affecting the political ideologies of Youth....

    25 Aug 2020

  • Art and the pandemic

    There is no doubt that this pandemic has become an opportunity for people who want to grow and earn. Work from home seem...

    25 Aug 2020

  • Anecdotes of COVID recovery: a wave of hope or a way of distraction

    Covid-19 is like a nightmare for everyone and none of us can get out of it be it in any way. The constant fear of our fa...

    25 Aug 2020

  • LGBTQ literature in India

    Do you find only heterosexual characters in the books you read? Despite a long time, LGBTQ+ characters are not accepted...

    18 Aug 2020

  • DevOps: Combining two skills

    What is DevOps? DevOps is a classic combination of Development and Operations. It is not a technology, process, standard...

    14 Aug 2020

  • Let's Get Introduced With C

    Why C is important? When it comes to programming, the first programming language we can all thought of, and have heard m...

    30 Jul 2020

  • Let's Jump Into Computing World

    How would you work on your PCs and Laptops without installing Operating system or WiFi connector? This is where the comb...

    29 Jul 2020


    Did you have a talk with your parents today discussing your day-long activities? Did you sat with them today and ask abo...

    26 Jul 2020

  • Quarantine effects on people and how they changed them

    "Normal is different now"- You must have gone through this phase in the last few months because of the difference that h...

    19 Jul 2020

  • Your First Babystep In The World Of Coding

    Welcome to your first baby step in the world of coding Are you a master in programming or have just taken your first ste...

    17 Jun 2020

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