Aditya Garud

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  • WhatsApp Plan feature

    WhatsApp plans where users can plan an event (short duration) like a Movie, Eatouts,etc with friends and family.

    13 Aug 2022

  • LeapScholar PRD to improve ratings on Playstore

    The PRD intends to increase the ratings of Leapscholar (a Study abroad consultancy) from 3.9 to >4.5 The proposed soluti...

    12 Aug 2022

  • Product Teardown BigFatPheonix

    Product Teardown BigFatPhoenix By Damini Sheth and Aditya Garud

    05 Aug 2022

  • Product Teardown

    Product teardown LeapScholar Problem statement: Find ways to increase engagement.

    04 Aug 2022

  • OneCode PT.pptx

    identifying all the pain points from an agent’s point of view in the current user journey Agents are sharing open links...

    30 Jul 2022

  • Aegon Life Insurance

    Designed an end to end Insurance buying process for Aegon Life on WhatsApp.

    01 Feb 2022

  • BBA


    Bachelors of Business Administration certificate with 8.72 CGPA

    01 May 2020

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