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Fatima Alji

Fatima Alji

Generating Qualified leads and Boosting Social presence of Early stage SaaS through Brand Marketing and Content Writing
  • Branding
  • Content and Creative Writing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Strategies to grow Memeterest over 10k users

    I will take you through several actionable ways you can create highly effective marketing strategies that will skyrocket...

    13 Jun 2022

  • Twitter Growth Consultation ft. Skillvalley

    Hey! You're watching this because probably: - You know Skillvalley and are curious to know what happens in - Or maybe y...

    02 Jun 2022

  • Twitter Social Media Marketing for Aquib Jawed

    Aquib Jawed is a living example of a seasoned professional who is not afraid to be vocal about his experience and his Te...

    15 Apr 2022

  • Arvid Kahl's Linkedin Brand Marketing

    Meet Arvid Kahl - a.k.a The Bootstrapped Founder 👋 We started working together in January. Goals: - Boost Visibility...

    22 Jan 2022

  • Writer of the Content that brings sales and boosts brand

    Hey! I'm the Content Avenger that helps you grow on Social media through my writing. Have a look at the content pieces...

    22 Jan 2022

  • How just with Clarity he had 70+ customers on his SaaS waitlist

    Meet Tibor Tot - Founder at Favy 👋 We started working together in December Goals: - Boost Visibility - Increase in c...

    29 Dec 2021

  • Instagram Sales Funnel and Marketing for Kelly Roach

    To create buzz around her latest book, 'THE LIVE LAUNCH METHOD', Kelly Roach, targeted a rapidly expanding audience of W...

    06 Oct 2021


    Hubspot Academy

    I'm excited to announce, learning these aspects of social media has added a lot of confidence and courage to take up big...

    03 Oct 2021

  • Social Media Marketing for Sam Lister

    Say Hii to Sam lister 👋 The project started in June 2021 Goals: - Grow awareness and engagement about the content -...

    21 Jul 2021

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