Farah Radzi

Hi there! My name is Farah 👋🏻. I have experience working with media agencies and startups companies for the past 4 years. Currently, I am self-learning on improving SEO writing and am open to



  • Portfolio at Clippings.Me

    You can find my writing experience and masterpieces here.

    05 May 2022

  • ADPList Blog — Career Advice, Design, Stories and Events

    From the middle of 2021 to 2022, I was responsible for the blogs on ADPList and succeeded in ranking some of the article...

    01 Aug 2021

  • The Upside of Lupus: 15 Life Lessons You Can Learn From A Chronic Inflammatory Illness

    This book was a personal project and a dream of mine; to be an author ✍🏻🤓 Living with a chronic inflammatory disease...

    30 Jul 2021

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