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Arinze Chukwudolue

Arinze Chukwudolue

Checkout my proof of work and collaborations on Fueler
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Web Design
  • Car Shop

    Built with javascript features (scrollReveal, swiper)

    31 Mar 2022

  • Food Calculator

    meal and calorie tracker/calculator built with javascript and html

    29 Mar 2022

  • GitHub Finder

    A github search app on web, built using javascript, html and APIs. get a profile at ease

    29 Mar 2022

  • Task list

    To do list/ task list. add your daily task. built with javascript and html

    29 Mar 2022

  • validation page

    validates name, email etc using javascript

    27 Mar 2022

  • travel website

    travel website built with javascript, html, css and javascript animations

    27 Mar 2022

  • ecommerce website

    website built with html, javascript and css. full responsive layout

    20 Mar 2022

  • login/registration page

    login and registration switch page built with html, css and javascript

    16 Mar 2022

  • popup page

    built with html and css. press the SUBMIT button

    15 Mar 2022


    created using pure html and css with javascript

    12 Mar 2022

  • portfolio page

    built to showcase my skills using javascript html and css

    12 Mar 2022

  • presentation site/slide

    useful presentation site/slides made with pure html and css

    09 Mar 2022

  • certificate of completion modern javascript

    udemy online platform

    introduction to modern javascript

    04 Mar 2022

  • Edgeledger clone

    website clone using javascript html and css.

    16 Feb 2022

  • certificate of completion html/css

    udemy online platform

    experience using HTML5 and CSS in building responsive designs and layouts

    06 Feb 2022

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