Dhanish Kumar

Looking for an Product roles in fulltime and Internships, Have a Knack of skills in Product Management,Product Development,User Research,Balsamiq,Figma,PowerBI,Mixpanel.


  Studying at Hy Folks! I'm DhanishKumar pursuing MBA in Business Analytics and Marketing completed Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics.Intrested in Product Roles and actively looking for an Internships and Full time role. Have a knack of skillls in Business,Design and Technology. Having a good Hands on skills in Wireframing : Balsamiq & Figma Analytics : Mixpanel & PowerBi PRD Requiremnets : Notion & Jira Completed Course on Product Mangement from Beginner to Advance in Udemy Completed Course on Python in Besant Technologies Completed Course on PowerBI workshop by GrowthSchool.io Completed Course on MS Excel in Learn and Excel.com Internship Experience in Fast Surgical Pharma as a Product Marketing Trainee in Salem,TamilNadu,India as a Summer Internship Trainee Virtual Internship Experience in PWC Switzerland PowerBi in Data Analytics conducted by Forage Platform Competitions participated in Gokart and Baga Vehicles Conducted by Kings Karting Championship and Jeppiar Karting Championships in Chennai Won both of the tournament as an Overall Championship Winners Educational gap in the year of 2021-2022 went treatement for a rare eye disease called Karetoconus.

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