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Devkant Swargiary

Devkant Swargiary

Web Developer & Open Source Enthusiast
  • React JS
  • Firebase
  • Figma
  • How to develop web application using Reactjs in the cloud?

    A tutorial on developing web applicaitions by spinning up a Reactjs environment in the cloud using Gitpod.

    11 Jun 2022

  • Dockerize a Nextjs application

    Dockerize a Nextjs application. Make a production build for your NextJs application using Docker.

    10 Jun 2022

    Fueler Project
  • Docker-Next: Dockerizing a NextJs Application

    This repository contains the codebase of Nextjs and Docker.

    09 Jun 2022

  • Code Editor

    The user could write HTML, CSS & JAVASCRIPT codes and could see the output in the adjacent side real-time.

    04 Jun 2022

  • Contributed to

    Added Open in Gitpod button in the file  02 Jun 2022

    Fueler Achievement
  • Currying in JavaScript

    Assume the captain of a team passing the baton to it's junior. The junior after doing it's part passes onto the baton to...

    26 Mar 2022

  • Functional Programming : Declarative

    Declarative programming is pattern which executes the codes without disclosing it's implementation. In layman terms "Doi...

    23 Mar 2022

  • IMDB movie app

    A dynamic site which has the functionality of populating the page with the movie request from the user.

    16 Mar 2022

  • ReactJs : Props

    Passing dynamic data through React components using Props.

    16 Mar 2022

  • NextJs-Boilerplate-Website

    A boilerplate website available for the user customization

    28 Feb 2022

  • Malformed PostCSS Configuration

    This error generally occurs when Nextjs is used with TailwindCSS. The work around is explained in this blog. This was a...

    21 Feb 2022

    Fueler Project
  • Virtual environment walkthrough and Flask installation

    You could install packages and libraries and work on your projects without impacting the global environment.

    20 Nov 2021

    Fueler Project

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