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Devesh RB

Devesh RB

Front-end developer from India. Open source Enthusiast!
  • HTML
  • Python
  • CSS
  • C++
  • C
  • Unix
  • MongoDB
  • React JS
  • Node
  • Web Development
  • Bootstrap
  • Open Source
  • JavaScript
  • Wordpress
  • Git
  • Technical Writing
  • Naruto NFT minting page

    A webpage where you can mint NFT's of Naruto and check them on OpenSea(only on rinkeby testnet).

    09 Dec 2021

  • Windows 11 on web

    Prototype of windows 11 on web

    09 Dec 2021

  • 3D name using Threejs

    A 3D name and doughnuts built using threejs

    09 Dec 2021

  • Real time Twitter banner

    A real-time Twitter banner that updates my banner every 60 secs with profile image of my recent three followers, so if y...

    24 Jun 2021

  • Bachelor in Computer Engineering

    Excelsior's K.C Institute of Technology

    Major in Computer Engineering

    Mumbai  18 Mar 2021

    Fueler Education
  • Weather App

    See the weather of any city in the world!

    20 Jan 2021

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