Deekshith Korivi

I am a student who wants to do digital marketing and learn code.

Digital Marketing


  Studying at Freshman at SICET and ready to do freelancing.

  • English is not Communication

    This is ppt that i made for my English Lab presentation Where I want to express the my idea that To communicate you nee...

    12 Jun 2024

  • Deekshith Korivi on LinkedIn: Kalki 2898 AD Trailer - Hindi | Prabhas | Amitabh Bachchan | Kamal Haasan…

    Dear PR managers see marketing from Kalki 2898 AD. Now-A-day movie marketing became shit. An actor will go to a random p...

    10 Jun 2024

  • Content Creation Wiki

    Content Creation Wiki This is page where you get some resources and Ideas to start content creation. Tools Tools I us...

    29 May 2024

  • Certificate of participation

    This certificate was provided by IIMB for participated in the Anvaya 2024. I have done some research on business.

    19 May 2024

  • Important links for notion

    This is the Notion website where there are some important notion pages and templates. This was all done by me by search...

    18 May 2024

  • Deekshith Korivi on LinkedIn: #cofounder #startup #influencer #deekshith

    The man behind running the show. Every influencer-led brand (I2B) has a very good co-founder. The influencer can't give...

    18 Apr 2024

  • PindigZZ

    This is a logo about a digital brand who selles printables and some digital stuff.

    05 Apr 2024

  • RoastRidge

    16 Mar 2024

  • cold mails for influncers

    20 Jan 2024

  • Some important pages in notion

    On this page, you get some of good important pages and templates of notion.

    16 Nov 2023

  • Certification of participation

    This is a certificate provided by Tata Steel as proof of participation in the Tata Steel TomorrowLAB 2023 . here I have...

    10 Nov 2023

  • stucsit

    student notes for B.tech students. Here i publish my class notes and all materials that I use in my college as a studen...

    28 Oct 2023

  • Sri Indu

    Sri Indu college

    08 Aug 2023

    Fueler Achievement
  • 10 Web

    10 Web is that 10 websites that have some value that you can get value out from it. These are some websites where I got...

    14 Jul 2023

  • KB school

    KB school/10 class

    08 Jul 2021

    Fueler Achievement

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