Deborah Otton


UI/UX Design
Community Management
Content Writing
Graphic Design


  Working at Venus Protocol

  • Growth Strategist


    1. Community Moderator 2. Growth Strategist - Responsible for bringing in more genuine members into the server and keepi...

    01 Nov 2022 - 01 Mar 2023

    Fueler Achievement
  • Venus Protocol offline event (Nigeria)

    29 Oct 2022

  • English Community Admin

    Venus Protocol

    1. Interacting with community members everyday and answer questions asked by users of the protocol. 2. Hosting weekly le...

    01 Jul 2022 - Present

    Fueler Achievement
  • Food Science and Technology

    University of Uyo

    03 Apr 2022

    Fueler Achievement
  • Marketing Team Member


    I create contents posted by the Gro DAO team on their official pages and community forum 1. Create graphical contents 2....

    04 Jan 2022 - Present

    Fueler Achievement
  • Content Creator and Community Moderator

    Spores Network

    1. Engaged the community members in meaningful conversations. 2. Assisted the community members in solving any issues th...

    04 Sep 2021 - 01 May 2023

    Fueler Achievement
  • Ambassador Lead


    1. Created tasks for ambassadors on spreadsheets and grade them. 2. Created promotional contents and posted them on all...

    01 Jun 2021 - 01 Feb 2022

    Fueler Achievement
  • Deborah Crystal – Medium

    Read writing from Deborah Crystal on Medium. Cryptocurrency Enthusiast. Every day, Deborah Crystal and thousands of othe...

    01 Apr 2021

  • My Contents (Articles, Infographics, Videos, Threads)

    Email address derbhieangel@gmail.com Infographics https://twitter.com/debbie_sometin/status/1528937427141804037?t=zzkQ3v...

    01 Mar 2021

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