Chaithanya M N

Computer Science Engineer | Writer | Classical Dancer | Music lover | Foodie

Content Writing
Creative Writing
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  Working at Technical Content Writer

  • Day 5 #fuelerwritingchallenge

    Oh, the day was long and boring. But finished the challenge without much hassle. Worked on Ideas: 2nd and 3rd. Objecti...

    29 Jan 2024

  • Day 4 #fuelerwritingchallenge

    Today, I worked on ideas 3 & 4. Objective: Writing Challenge. #fuelerwritingchallenge

    28 Jan 2024

  • Day 3 #fuelerwritingchallenge

    For Day 3 - I took two ideas and worked on them. Plus, the storytelling edition. Objective: Writing Challenge. Tools u...

    27 Jan 2024

  • Day 2 #fuelerwritingchallenge

    Idea 1: An item I have that isn’t expensive but means a lot to me Idea 2: 5 Effective Ways I Deal With Writer’s Block...

    26 Jan 2024

  • Day 1 #fuelerwritingchallenge

    Time taken: One and a half hours. Objective: It was a challenge. Tools used: Google Docs and Grammarly. #fuelerwritin...

    25 Jan 2024

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