Ayussh Khurana

Bringing unique perspectives to projects through passion for creativity. Skilled in videography, editing, writing, research, vlogging, coding, community and product creation.

Competitive Programming



  • Product Launch Video

    Litebulb helps you with : Finding co-founders Validate your ideas Connect to investors

    12 Jul 2023

  • Promo video soft launch video

    06 Jul 2023

    Fueler Project
  • Product Launch Video

    🔗 Share, discuss, and collaborate like never before. - Edited by me

    26 Jun 2023

  • Gall-e

    Introducing GALL-E, the revolutionary language generator that can produce galli in many languages ! Whether you're a gal...

    22 Feb 2023

  • Production Head

    Fungible Media

    As a Production Head at a video agency that produced videos for notable clients such as Tanmay Bhat Superteam, Antler In...

    01 Feb 2023 - Present

    Fueler Achievement
  • Volunteer

    Fueler Achievement
  • NGL Twitter Bot

    Introducing NGL Bot, your ultimate anonymous tweeting companion! Say it like you mean it without revealing your identity...

    22 Nov 2022

  • Hiring Designer

    A Twitter API bot that automatically retweets Hiring Designers Tweet and collect them in one place

    08 Aug 2022

  • Community Manager and Relations


    As a Customer Success and Community Relations specialist at CropBytes, I excelled at providing comprehensive support to...

    13 Jun 2022 - 21 Dec 2023

    Fueler Achievement

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