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I'm a Full Stack Developer specialized in NextJS


  Working at Remote

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  • Doist Productivity Software for a Better Workday

    Simplify and optimize your work with Doist's productivity tools. Achieve more and unlock your potential.

    07 Nov 2023

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    Want a remote job? Look no further, we as [@remoteprofile](https://twitter.com/remoteprofile)are here for you. Our new...

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  • Remote Profile

    Want a remote job? Look no further, we as [@remoteprofile](https://twitter.com/remoteprofile)are here for you. Our new...

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    In the world of Software as a Service (SaaS) development, launching a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) can be a critical ste...

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    It has been a while! I was thinking of writing an article about the top newsletters to subscribe to.

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  • Hunt Your Remote Job as a Developer

    Hello everyone! Today, I'm thrilled to share that my ebook on "Remote Job Hunting" as a developer has gone viral on Twit...

    01 Jan 2023

  • Get Hired as a Remote Developer: Tips and Strategies for Landing Your Dream Job

    Hi everyone! Do you know me? I'm Avinash Vagh and I work for an international early-stage startup...

    30 Dec 2022

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    Here, we will talk about most treanding OpenAI. How you can take advantage of OpenAI in building web application. How yo...

    04 Dec 2022

  • Top 5 Best Platform to Create Your Custom Portfolio (Showcase Your Proof of Work) | Fueler io |

    Hey Guys,In thi video, We'd talked about Top5 Best Platform to showcase your proof of work. 1) Fueler - https://fueler.i...

    29 Nov 2022

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    Hey, In this video, we'd talked about how fresher can crack Frontend Interview question, You can answer theoratical Fron...

    17 Nov 2022

  • FrontEnd Interview Questions

    13 Nov 2022

  • 200+ Startup/ Companies to apply for job as a Fresher Developer in India

    200+ Startup/ Companies who Hire Bootcamp Graduate and Offering Min 5LPA of package

    13 Nov 2022

  • Get Minimum 5 LPA of JOB as a Fresher Developer | 200+ companies to Apply for a Job in India |

    Hello Everyone, In this video, I'd talked about Starup/ Companies who Hire you as a Fresher Developer in India and you c...

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  • Get Minimum 5 LPA of job as a Fresher in India | 200+ companies to apply for a job |

    11 Nov 2022

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  • How to Optimize Your GitHub & LinkedIn Profiile | Get Job Using LinkedIn | Avinash Vagh 09

    Hey Everyone, In this video we'd talked about How you can Optimize your GitHub as well as LinkedIn profile attract recru...

    07 Nov 2022

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    Hello Everyone, In this Video, We had talked about How to Create Your Resume/CV. What projects, skills you should mentio...

    03 Nov 2022

  • Top 50+ Site to Hunt Your First Remote Developer Job

    Hello Everyone, Welcome back to the Blogs, Today, I'm gonnna share top site with you to hunt your...

    30 Oct 2022

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  • Top 50 Site to Apply For Remote Job as a Developer | Find Your Remote Job | Avinash Vagh 07

    Hello Everyone, In this video, I've discussed about All Top 50+ site to find your Remote Job as a Developer/ Techy.I've...

    30 Oct 2022

  • How to Find Remote Job using Angelist | Avinash Vagh 06

    Hey Everyone,In this video, we had talked about one of the most popular platform for applying for a job, I can garuntee...

    26 Oct 2022

  • How To Find Jobs In LinkedIn ? Get Remote Job | Avinash Vagh 05

    Hey Everyone,In this video, we gonna discuss about how effectively you can apply for Remote job effectively on LinkedIn....

    22 Oct 2022

  • Bootcamp is The Best Way to Become Developer ? Avinash Vagh 04

    Hey Everyone, In this Video, we'd talked about Top India's Bootcamp.Top India's Bootcamp:1) NeogCamp - https://neog.camp...

    18 Oct 2022

  • How to Become Frontend / Backend Developer ? Best Coursera Course by Meta | Avinash Vagh 03

    Hello Everyone,In this video, We're gonna discuss about the Best Course on the Internet currently which is provided by M...

    15 Oct 2022

  • Intro video to channel | From Beginner to professional Developer journey | Avinash Vagh

    Hey Everyone, My name is Avinash Vagh from Gujarat, India. I am professional Software Developer working in Start-up. I'm...

    08 Oct 2022

  • Github Finder Application

    App to search Github users and display their info. - GitHub - avinashvagh/github-finder-app: App to search Github users...

    08 Sep 2022

  • Full-Stack Web Development

    Masai School

    24 Aug 2022

    Fueler Achievement
  • Dermstore Clone

    Dermstore clone (E-com US site). Contribute to avinashvagh/majestic-vest-8576 development by creating an account on GitH...

    24 Jul 2022

  • Meesho clone

    Meesho is an e-commerce website. In this project we have cloned some important features of the website from sign-up to o...

    30 Mar 2022

  • Orbitz Clone

    E-Com (US website) for flights & travelling. Contribute to avinashvagh/Ecommerce-site-Orbitz-Clone development by creati...

    28 Feb 2022

  • Bachelor of Engineering

    Gujarat Technological University

    27 Jul 2021

    Fueler Achievement

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