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Mr. Ånand

Mr. Ånand

You Cook Food, I Cook Tech (along with food😉)👨‍💻 We are not the Same🙋🏻...Self Growth, Learning, contents & more...👻 Opensource
  • CSS
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  • Open Source
Currently Studying at Bachelor of Engineering
  • Developer Resources Gallery - 300+ Resources and Tools

    This database contains resources related to Open-Source contributions. Other Resources are also included here. This data...

    13 Jun 2022

  • 10 Thumbnails for 10 Youtubers

    15 May 2022

    Fueler Project
  • GirlScript Summer of Code Learning And Experiences: From Contributor To Project Admin

    GSSoC stands for GirlScript Summer of Code. It is a three-month-long Open-Source Program conducted by the GirlScript Fou...

    23 Apr 2022

  • Make Your GitHub Profile Standout To Attract Better Opportunities

    To screen candidates, the industry is shifting away from resumes and toward GitHub profiles. In the software industry, O...

    05 Feb 2022

  • Some Cool GitHub Actions You Won't Believe Exists

    With GitHub Actions, you can automate, customize, and execute your software development workflows right in your reposito...

    21 Nov 2021

  • Open Source Best Practices by #WithAnand

    The open-source software industry is booming. Software developed by large corporations is built on open collaboration, t...

    20 Nov 2021

  • Are You A Coder? Here Are 20 Top Tips From The Coding Community

    Learning to code is an amazing thing. How you can code something interesting and then view its fascinating outcomes. But...

    09 Nov 2021

  • #WithAnand

    I am changing written blogs and articles✍� into podcast because I feel that everyone has no time to read they would love...

    10 Jul 2021


    This eBook contains quick insight of HTML made by combining my tweets. Best for beginners 👍🏻 Its free💯

    27 Jun 2021

  • GoogleCloudReady Lab Solution Playlist

    This Playlist contains some hands on lab solution of GoogleCloudReady program labs.

    05 Apr 2021

  • Amitesh Anand

    Sharing random contents there, but planning to made some good contents.📽️

    21 Feb 2019

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