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Checkout my proof of work and collaborations on Fueler
  • CSS
  • Express
  • Full Stack
  • Hosting Events
  • HTML
  • MongoDB
  • React JS
  • Teaching
  • Back-End Development
  • Django
  • Front-End Development
  • Javascript
  • Python
Currently Studying at Kamal Model School
  • BUILD and DEPLOY a Pokedex webapp with svelte js on Vercel in Under 9 minutes

    Svelte.js is the most loved js framework according to stackoverflow developer survey 2021. Learn this awesome framework...

    22 Jul 2022

  • Bun, a JS runtime faster than the bolt's run

    Know all about BunJS in less than two minutes!

    10 Jul 2022

  • Pokedex web app made using SvelteJS

    A pokedex webapp made using SvelteJS, DaisyUI (A tailwind library) and PokeAPI Here's the [github repo](https://github....

    03 Jul 2022

  • Discord homepage clone

    So I realized I was lacking good looking frontend projects in my portfolio hence I decided to make it. It took me appro...

    27 Jun 2022

  • Invited as workshop host to teach how to integrate TNBC within your Javascript projects

    Techminate  20 Mar 2022

  • React JS workshop

    Hosted my first workshop on React JS on MarkitUpX

    MarkitUpX  12 Mar 2022

  • Numbers Converter

    Convert numbers from one number system to another. - Binary - Hexadecimal - Decimal - Octadecimal

    10 Mar 2022

  • GitHub - probablyArth/wallet-webapp-tnb-react

    A Minimal Wallet webapp for thenewboston blockchain. Made for a youtube tutorial series but I put the videos down becau...

    25 Jan 2022

  • TNBC JS snippets

    Some useful snippets I wrote to help JS beginners get onboard with integrating TNBC blockchain

    25 Jan 2022

  • GitHub - probablyArth/productivity-tracker: An accountability dashboard so you don't lose track of your life

    - It uses google's oauth for authentication and user system since everyone has google accounts. - User's set the goal fo...

    13 Dec 2021

  • TNB-Ecosystem-Bot: A discord bot for TNB Community projects and services

    TNB Ecosystem bot is a utility discord bot for auto moderation of discord links and serves as a projects API wrapper for...

    26 Nov 2021

  • GitHub - maakay-com/discord-bot: Tip friends, create and host challenges using TNBC with maakay discord bot.

    Tip friends, create and host challenges using TNBC with maakay discord bot. - GitHub - maakay-com/discord-bot: Tip frien...

    13 Nov 2021

  • GitHub - probablyArth/To-Do-list: A beautiful ToDo list app :D

    A beautiful ToDo list app :D (Not really, it's actually not that good but I made it when I was learning MERN fundamental...

    02 Nov 2021

  • MyOnlineMeal

    17 Jun 2021

  • Reverse-words-with-Python

    Contribute to probablyArth/Reverse-words-with-Python development by creating an account on GitHub.

    24 Apr 2020

  • magic-8-ball-with-python

    Contribute to probablyArth/magic-8-ball-with-python-so-easy development by creating an account on GitHub.

    21 Apr 2020

  • Guess-the-number-with-python

    Contribute to probablyArth/Guess-the-number-with-python-so-easy development by creating an account on GitHub.

    20 Apr 2020

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