Anuradha Kashaudhan

Anuradha Kasaudhan, B.Tech CSE student at LPU, passionate about front-end web development. Quick learner, decisive, crafting immersive experiences.

React JS


  Studying at Hey there, I'm Anuradha Kasaudhan, currently diving into the world of technology as a first-year B.Tech CSE student at Lovely Professional University (LPU). I've got this burning passion for front-end web development that keeps me going. You know, there's something magical about creating digital experiences that just draw people in, and I'm all about making that happen. I've always been a quick learner, and when it comes to making decisions, I don't mess around. Give me a problem, and I'll find a solution, just like that. It's all about that eye for detail and a sprinkle of innovation that makes coding feel like an art form to me. Crafting interfaces that not only look good but also speak to the users, that's my jam. I'm on this journey of constant learning, always striving for excellence and mastery in my craft. Watch out, because I'm ready to make my mark in the tech world, one beautifully designed website at a time. Let's do this!

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